Wreaths for every season

There are so many choices for wreaths……and I only have one front door.  OK, I actually have two front doors but I only want one to be highlighted.  Why I have two doors is an entirely different post that I’ll write later.

wreaths full view

I went back and forth looking at different styles of wreaths that could adorn my front door. I painted this door in the spring to match the color of the front porch swing.  I wasn’t thinking at the time how my bright yellow front door would look when we transitioned into other seasons.

However, I knew that decorating with wreaths would help this transition because frankly I like the bright yellow door and I didn’t want to paint it again so soon.

wreaths from above

My second choice was to purchase a few wreaths since they are everywhere and quite beautiful…but my inner DIY girl wanted to construct fall wreaths myself that would function as custom pieces for my front door.

Bingo!  I found this canvas at Goodwill for $2.00.  I originally was going going to cover it up and use it as a file board in my office.   After shopping for ideas, I decided it would be cool to frame my door with a painting rather than more traditional circle wreaths.

Since the painting on the canvas already matched my porch color scheme, all I had to do was paint the w*e*l*c*o*m*e letters on the canvas and attach some glitter leaves for some extra flair.

wreaths stencils and leafAlways one to add a hint a glitter, the leaves were perfect.  I had a front door wreath that fit the image in my head and I spent about $6.00 and a half hour on the entire project.

I used 7″ calligraphy stencils for the letters which are the same stencils I used on the pillow on our front porch swing.  I outlined the letter with EK Tool Paint Markers.  I had extra Folk Art Paint from a previous project that I used to paint the letters.  I used two different paint brushes at first but decided that a large hard bristle stencil brush worked better on canvas.

wreaths close upWith a money-saving project like this, I can put more money into other projects around the house and trust me, I have a long list of projects for us to complete.

For those of you who want to get in touch with your inner Monet, Picasso or Pollock, you could create your own canvas art in colors that match your house.   Blank canvases come in a variety of sizes and can be found at craft stores like Michael’s, Joann Fabric, or Hobby Lobby and you can create your own one-of-a-kind wreath with your own personal touch.  I bought several different sizes of blank canvas for other projects that I have planned for my house.

Lastly, we had to mount the creation on the door.  Our door is steel and we didn’t want to be putting a bunch of holes in it so the left brain (my husband) and I figured we could use a single screw at the top to support the weight (although it isn’t really very heavy) and then use some decorative string to keep it in place horizontally so that it doesn’t swing as the door opens and closes.  We stapled four strings  to the back of the canvas and then stapled the other ends of the strings to the sides of the door, which is wood.  It’s not a super-secure permanent installation, but we’ll be changing this wreath out in a few short months.  Done!

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