Ugly Countertops and How to Fix Them For Less

Ugly Countertop Problems

Sadly, ugly countertops can make a perfectly good kitchen look bad because of a few blemishes that you can’t hide under the toaster oven or blender. What I mean is if your countertops have enough of the following flaws, it may be time to think of replacing them.

  • scratches
  • burn marks
  • cracked
  • outdated
  • color stained
  • smudges and scrapes

Traditional Countertop Choices

If you have been planning a kitchen renovation, then a traditional countertop choice has certainly been on your radar. We are fans of granite and quartz countertops for the kitchen. In our opinion, these are the top two traditional countertops that many people select.

For example, CLICK HERE for an interview for GRANITE Countertops and QUARTZ Countertops where we discuss each type of countertop.

In addition to the interview, we also discuss the price of each countertop so you can make an informed decision.

granite countertops

DIY Options to fix Ugly Countertops

As always, we try to provide a solution for your ugly countertops. We came up with four types of DIY options that you could do if a traditional countertop was not in your budget at this time.

In other words, you have some options. No matter what look you desire, there is an option that can help you replace your ugly countertops no matter your budget. CLICK HERE for inspiration on a variety of DIY countertop options.

In fact, you can go to any Home Depot and shop for traditional countertops along with material to do your own countertops with an variety of materials.

I hope that this helps you decide which type of countertop is going to be right for your countertop makeover.

As always, let us know what you decide. We love hearing about your projects.


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