How to turn your attic into an office space

How to turn your attic into an office space

Simple and Inexpensive Hacks

It may take creative vision to imagine how to turn your attic into an office space.  But…you can do it!

Most attics are ugly.  They usually lack any signs of character, sometimes they don’t have nice walls, and most of the time they are forgotten spaces left to store boxes and holiday decorations only.

Until now!

I watch HGTV and many couples that work from home are looking for a space that they can claim which is out of the way but still can create an ambiance while they work.

Turning your attic into an office space is an ideal solution to this problem.

Check this out.  This was what the attic looked like when we first moved in.

how to turn your attic into an office unfinished room
There was no carpet.  The paint color was pathetic.  In general, it needed cleaned and a vision to take it to the next level.

how to turn an attic into an office

The one redeeming quality was that it had a spectacular view.  Since it is on the 3rd floor of the house, the windows look over the nearby houses.  I have a clear view of the mountains in the distance.  For living in the center of town, I was pretty happy about the view.

how to turn an attic into an office space view from the windown

Turning your attic into your office space may take some time and sweat!

I’ve said this before but I really wish all of the rooms I’ve transformed on took 30 minutes just like an episode of HGTV.

I pay attention to the bottom of the screen when they show in the small box (42 days into the project) because things take longer than good TV shows.

I say that to encourage you that you can do these projects to but you must set realistic expectations.  I’m not a fan of realistic expectations (sometimes) and left brain is my constant reminder but that is another story.

I said all of that because the attic looked like this for almost a year.  I wanted an office but…

how to turn your attic into an office

I just didn’t have a plan for all the storage items.

how to turn an attic into your office shelves that need organized

I show you ugly pictures because I want to encourage you that my home office started out like this.  I had to look past the “stuff” and know that I could make it better with a few changes.

I didn’t have a large budget for this project.  I had to get creative.  Where was I going to get the biggest bang for my buck?

I knew I needed to get rid of the stuff and start with a blank wall.

how to turn your attic into an office with blank wall

I painted the walls the color of the sky because I get my greatest inspiration when it is sunny.  I also love the beach so I found a very inexpensive rug that was the color of sand.

If I can’t live at the beach right now, then I want my office to be inspired by the beach to get my creative mojo going.

refurbished furniture final product

I created an accent wall and media center where I can do the videos that I make for and you can read how I used removable wallpaper here in this post and get the materials here.

I upcycled a beautiful chair that brought some class into to the attic space.  You can click here to see how you can repurpose some of your old furniture.

I bought two long folding tables to use as working surfaces.  I’m always painting or cutting something on my Silhouette so the idea of a luxurious office desk didn’t work for my office…I needed something a little more utilitarian for this space and the folding tables serve that purpose.

folding tables for office makeover

I used cork board on the wall to hang inspiration and paperwork.  There are a variety of thicknesses and sizes available at craft stores.  Here is a great tip:  Use a washer with a screw to hang the cork board so the cork doesn’t rip.

cork board

Home Depot sells white board paint that I used on a left over piece of drywall that I attached to the wall. This is a great place to write notes or project ideas.

I used a glass shelf that I have had for over 20 years but I customized my binder labels.  Moving the printer and Silhouette machine beside the tables makes it a great use of space to work on projects.

custom labels

Be sure to subscribe to to get coupons for our online boutique.  The binder labels will be available for you to customize your office space.

The last little touch made all the difference for me.  I added beautiful French-inspired curtains to the window.

Now my ugly attic space has been transformed into an oasis that I escape to work, write, and create projects.  Being on the 3rd floor allows me to work from home but not be in the center of all the chaos that happens on the daily basis.

If you have a space in your attic, see if you can use some of these tips to turn it into your home office.  I believe that you will love the results.

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Thanks as always for stopping by our blog.


How to convert your attic into an office

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