Office Space Upgrade

Getting my niece ready for college inspired me to give my office space a makeover.  Since we have been busy demolishing half of our house, we put several spaces where we are living on hold until we decided what we want to do with them once the renovation is complete.  My office space was one of these spaces yet to be determined.

upcycled sewing desk with americana paint

Originally, I claimed the partially finished attic as a DIY haven where I have all of my tools, sewing machine, future projects, and other odds and ends stored.  I can go upstairs to the third floor and close the door and work while the boys and left brain play downstairs without ever hearing a sound.   That has been one of my favorite things about living in this old Victorian house.

My niece has been at college for one week and I couldn’t get it out of my mind how cute her room turned out.  I especially like the organization of her desk area.  We spent most of the summer gathering ideas and materials to make her dorm room feel like a home away from home.    Now that she was settled in, it was time to tackle my area.

americana upcycled desk

An office space can say so much about a person as well as provide a source of inspiration.  I have a separate work table where I can cut paper and fabric on a cutting mat but I didn’t have an area where I felt motivated or organized with papers, magazine pictures, or a cork board, where I could pin notes or write ideas and deadlines that I could leave up until the task was complete.

I use to tack papers and reminders on the refrigerator but it often became a cluttered mess for anyone to view so it was time to set up the big girl office and one that I wouldn’t have to share with left brain.  I wanted pink colors and a desk that I can get my girly groove on with sparkle scissors, bedazzled staplers, and anything else that would help me when I get to write for

americana paint upcycled desk

Some added incentive was that DecoArt, who gave an amazing sample packet in the Haven swag bag, was having a contest to see who could refurbish a flea market find using their products.  I choose Americana Decor Chalky Finish in Innocence as I perused the chalk paint section at Michael’s.   My office space is up two flights of stairs so I didn’t want to drag a huge desk up the steps.  I wanted a cute little desk that had room to expand.

The solution ended up being an incredible find that had sentimental value to me.  My grandmother had a sewing machine stand that would fold out when in use.  It was tucked away in her sewing room and it was a very special day when we (her grand kids) got to create something with her hovering over to make sure that we were using proper sewing techniques.  At least that is what I thought it was back then, now I know she just didn’t want us to sew our fingers together and end up in the ER where my mom was working.

dry erase board with Rustoleum Paint
Drywall painted with a Rustoleum Dry Erase Kit

Anyhow, with extra drywall that was laying around, I decided it would make a perfect dry-erase board.  I had been wanting to use a Rustoleum Dry Erase Paint Kit on a wall and this was going to be perfect.  My original idea was to build a border with wood trim but a sweet Home Depot worker suggested I use drywall border and spray paint it.   I went with her suggestion and I love how it turned out.

I bought Rustoleum Glitter Spray Paint for the drywall border as well as the dry-erase calendar in the office.  I painted the border of the calendar with Americana paint as well to provide an accent color and I am happy with the results.  I put lace over the screw holes in each corner to finish the look.

border of dry erase board

To top off my office look, I found oversize paper clip hangers at Five Below and used them to creatively and artistically organize papers.  They are fun and whimsical and remind me that I need to remember to laugh and not take myself too seriously even in my office.


organiazation from Five Below and Michael's

Now that this space is completed and can be checked off my to do list, I’m happy to sit back on my cute chair that I snagged at an estate sale and recovered the seat with adorable material and dream about the stories that I’m going to share with you in future posts.

upcycled chair

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Until then, I hope you find the right tool for your next project,







customized office space


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