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kitchen backsplash gallery Suggestions to help you find your happy place!

This is Sandy with and I want to know which kitchen backsplash gallery is going to get you to your happy place. I’ve renovated numerous properties and have helped other people with their budget-friendly home improvements and let me tell you I’ve learned how to stretch a dollar as far as you can and now it’s my turn to share my secrets with you. For budget-friendly home improvement advice where you can learn how to save more so that you can

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Yes, I wish I could have ten kitchens (I’m glad I wouldn’t have to clean them) but when it comes down to it no matter how many of you have a kitchen backsplash gallery on your Instagram or Pinterest Page,  you end up having to decide on one so how do you do that?

How do you decide on one kitchen backsplash? Here are five suggestions:

suggestion #1- Decide on your final Kitchen Backsplash Gallery Choice before shopping

When you’re looking at Kitchen Backsplash Galleries, narrow your selections to your top five.

Make a separate Pinterest board for your ideas for this specific renovation before you go shopping. Pick the five that you like the best and put them in one place. If you’re ripping out magazine pages then  put in a file folder. Having your top five looks that are going to help you get to your happy place all in one place before you go shopping will help you stay organized.

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Suggestion #2- What is Your budget for your backsplash?

I know I hate saying that and it sometimes pains me but we are a budget-friendly home renovation site so have your budget ready. This will be different for everybody so your budget might be really big and that’s okay but know what your budget is before you go with those five pictures.  

Start pricing out how much will it cost for the different types of tiles from the design the style that you liked.  Make sure that your choice will go with your countertop and will your cabinets.

Know your budget for your backsplash project, the jewelry of your kitchen, before you go shopping.

Suggestion #3- Know how much you need of each tile before your start your backsplash renovation.

You’ve got your five designs and your budget and now you’re going to go price the designs. 

If it’s travertine, marble, glass tile, or ceramic, go and look at your design and now you’re gonna ask, “Can I complete this with the budget that I have set and with the design that I have?”

Here’s what I mean. If you’re hiring somebody to do this happy place dreamy absolutely magnificent kitchen, 

Can the person that you’re hiring do what you’re asking them to do within the budget that you set with the materials that you’ve chosen?

If they can’t then something’s gotta give. Either you need to come a little bit down in the materials that you chose in order to be able to have some more in your budget to pay for somebody to do it.


Is this a DIY project that you’re doing? You need to make sure that the materials that you bought, you buy enough so that if you mess up or whatever that you have enough in your budget to buy the materials that you have now.  

In the next video we’re actually going to talk about measuring to make sure that you have enough and then overage of what you want to do. Make sure that you check that out but right now with your suggestion number three is to make sure

that you know with the budget that you have and the materials that you have would you be able to complete this either yourself or by hiring somebody.

Would you comment below and answer this question?

Is the happy place in your kitchen because you love to cook or do you just want a pretty kitchen?

Suggestion #4- all tile does not clean the same!

Certain tiles are going to clean a little better than other tiles. If that is something that is important or dear to your heart, then you want to consider that when making your final selection.

I’m just going to use glass tile as an example.  

Wherever you’re putting your glass tile whether in your kitchen behind your sink or behind like places where it could get greasy or wet or dropped or sparked speckles on.  If it’s going to drive you crazy maybe you should pick a different one of your kitchen backsplash gallery to top five looks from the gallery in order to be able to shift it so that your happy place is still your happy place after you have all of your backsplash installed.   

Consider that some tiles clean better than others keep that in mind.

suggestion #5- Watch out for trends that could date your kitchen backsplash

This is totally a personal preference so you might have something different than me and that is awesome and that’s why we find our different happy places in our kitchens. Let me just warn you of trends or things that can fade quickly are awesome but maybe not necessarily in something that’s a high price item in your kitchen. Your cabinets, countertop and backsplash are three of the top kitchen top items that you’re gonna pay for and they’re not easily changeable.

As you’re looking at that kitchen backsplash gallery and you’re seeing tons of color and you’re a tall I love this but you can’t imagine yourself in that space in five years, you might want to just pause and see okay which one’s more important to me do I want that loud and boisterous and amazing kitchen and I’m gonna love it in five years.  

If your answer is yes, then go for it but if it causes you to pause you might want to consider maybe changing your choice or maybe going with a less vibrant tile.  I’m not saying that you can’t use color or you can’t use patterns. I’m just saying think about it because you’re not going to be changing your cabinets and backsplash and countertop all that quickly if you really are trying to think of budget-friendly home renovations. Try different things to add that pop such as your KitchenAid or other items that are home decor that you can change in and out.

It’s something to think about as you are trying to decide which one is going to fit in your kitchen.

Now that you have some great ideas, it’s time to go shopping! This one of my favorite things to do so make sure that you download the checklist.  It can help you stay on track because again we want to help you go from that design concept to your happy place and that kitchen backsplash is gonna be amazing.  

Make sure that you get that checklist below thanks for sticking around with us and we want to make sure that if you did enjoy this video or you got value out of it would you like it below and then would you share it with somebody that you know is either going to be doing a home renovation or is in the middle of one because we would love to join them on their journey.  For more videos, CLICK HERE!

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