Inexpensive & Customized Kitchen Backsplash

Inexpensive and Customized Kitchen Backsplash (It’s True- You CAN Have It All) 

Want high-end glam without the price tag? This video will give you an inexpensive and easy solution to customize your kitchen backsplash. Simple modern backsplash ideas can update your home instantly. If you’ve been looking at DIY backsplash ideas, then this budget makeover will help you stay on budget without sacrificing high-end design.

This easy renovation will take you a few hours and with your extra time, you can tackle other parts of your kitchen remodel. Even if you hate to cook, for a small amount of money and time, your kitchen makeover may give you the inspiration that you need.

Tip #1- What is Your Budget?

The first thing we need to discuss is how can you find an inexpensive and customized backsplash? My first thing is that you need to know what your budget is.

If you don’t have a large budget, then you might need to be a little creative. If you’ve got a budget that all of us wish and dream that we had, then you have a little bit more flexibility.

Statistics show that if you write down your budget, 80% of us will stick to that budget. So that’s what I want you to do right now is to click on the download below and I want you to get your checklist and think about what is your budget for this project.

tip #2 inexpensive materials

Okay, step two. Now that you have your budget written down on your checklist, I want you to think about the materials that you like. Materials vary in cost. They also can vary on how you can customize it. So customize your splash. So I want you to think about the three categories of tile that I’m going to put them.

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Budget Bracket #1: Inexpensive

You can get it at your local dollar store, dollar general, whatever is in your area, but it would be the foil back splashes or even a peel and stick. So that’s going to be your most inexpensive. So depending on what your budget is, that might be what your budget is able to accomplish.

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Budget Bracket #2: Mid-Range

It’s not your traditional tile. It would be using paint, using stencils, having wallpaper, using paneling, anything like that that would be customizable as far as painting and yet still pretty inexpensive.

Budget Bracket #3: High End

That would be your travertine, your marble, your glass, your ceramic, any of the box store or boutique stores, big box stores that you could go and find the tile that you’re looking at and selecting.  CLICK HERE for a gallery of inexpensive and customized kitchen backsplash ideas that can fit a range of budgets. 

All three budget brackets have inexpensive choices even if you are selecting high end tile. They also are able to be customizable based on the color and the design, which we’ll talk about here in step three so now we’re on step three and that is how to customize the design of your backsplash to make it still inexpensive yet unique to your kitchen. And I think you can do that a few different ways.

Tip #3 Use Design to Customize your kitchen Backsplash

First,  you can use color if you’re going to choose to paint your backsplash, you can use a high gloss paint and use a stencil on top of it. You could put the stencils close together or you could make them far apart. The plethora of stencils that you can buy online at your local Michael’s or Jo Ann is amazing. I love using stencils and I think that’s a really great idea.

When you use that stencil, you can use a different type of textured paint over top of your high glass shiny base paint. The design element is endless.

So then let’s talk about that as far as the design. Not only is the color important, but the design, how you lay it on your area that you’re going to do. I think you can do two things with your design.


Home Sweet Design"

Design options: Color and pattern

You can use color to break up a backsplash if you have a long run, like we do have like we have here in our kitchen, or you can use two different types of materials. If you were using tile, you could use two different colors of tiles or you could use maybe a chunky, uh, tile that square. And then the next one you could do little mosaic tiles or, and again, you can play around with the pattern that you want, but that’s something.

Now remember when you’re talking tiles and you’re talking, uh, using a variety of different tiles because of the different cuts you might end up finding that it runs your price up. So just keep that in mind. Uh, another way that you could customize this is the design.

Now, I don’t mean just the design as far as the run is concerned, but I mean how you lay the tiles down. If you look, and I have a whole Pinterest board CLICK HERE for PINTEREST BOARD dedicated to different ways to lay tile. So just say you’re doing a, a standard subway tile and you have two tiles together. You can lay them side by side or you could do the herringbone pattern or you could do two one way and two, uh, diagonally and then horizontally.

You could do a design that’s totally unique to, you could do three, you could do a pattern repeating and again, it’s endless. You add the color and then you add the design and you could even break that up with a something unique that kind of pops out behind your kitchen area or sorry, behind your sink area or your stove area.

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I think that there are several choices that you can do in order to customize this kitchen and make sure that you download the checklist below to help you stay on your budget as well as with prioritizing what kind of tile you want to use. Before we go any further, I’d like you to COMMENT BELOW if you wrote down the budget or if you know the budget that you plan to spend on your kitchen. Backsplash renovation.



A fourth idea and that is before you go shopping, make sure that you have a very clear idea of what it is that you want to have for your kitchen. Backsplash makeup or I strongly suggest either tearing out magazines and having those pictures, having a Pinterest board CLICK HERE FOR IDEAS, knowing on your Instagram what you like, but have some type of visual concept and that’s going to help you as you fill out your checklist as far as keeping your budget and customizing it to your kitchen and your family’s needs.


the final thing that I want to talk about in this video is have you considered doing a DIY project for your kitchen renovation? Sometimes if you come with the right skill set or you’re determined that you’re going to stay within that budget, you can do a really cool kitchen backsplash DIY project and stay within your budget.

The behind us is a DIY project. CLICK HERE FOR TUTORAL It’s using paneling and it’s paintable and you can customize this to any color that you would possibly want. We have the pros and cons of doing it this way and we saved about $900 from what our original budget was to what we ended up with and we love our back splash. Now you have some great ideas. You are ready to go shopping for your new kitchen. Back splash. I have a checklist, as I’ve mentioned before in the description below, so make sure you download that and really think about it as you go out so that you can, one, stay in the zone as far as your budget is concerned, but also to add those customizable elements that are going to make your kitchen back splash pop.

Check out these videos {EASY TO INSTALL BACKSPLASH IDEAS //3 INEXPENSIVE BACKSPLASH IDEAS} OR if you need help measuring for your new backsplash, CLICK HERE and if you know somebody who is starting a home renovation or is in the midst of one, we would love to join them on our journey. So share this video and be sure to subscribe.

We look forward to serving you by providing budget-friendly home improvement ideas. Let us know how we can serve you better!



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