How to Use Spray Paint & Fabric for a Furniture Makeover

Why a Furniture Makeover is a good choice

Could a chair in your home use a furniture makeover? There have been numerous dining room chairs, recliner chairs, tables, and a hutch that have benefitted from a makeover in our home.

No piece of furniture is safe from paint in our home. Sometimes a fresh coat of paint can increase the life of table or chair which is always satisfying.

You do not want to throw away a table or chair especially when it still is comfortable.  Ugly furniture can be fixed with paint. Frankly, I am a firm believer that it is one of the easiest things to fix in a house. It you are looking for ways to stretch your budget, then paint is a great solution.

furniture makeover

Materials for a Furniture Makeover

There are many options to use when doing a furniture makeover.

  1. Spray Paint
  2. Chalk Paint
  3. Material
  4. High Gloss Paint
  5. Stencils

Each project is unique and can be transformed with a good idea.  If you need some inspiration, CLICK HERE to get ideas.

Once you decide how you want your furniture piece to look then follow our simple steps.

First: Decide what type of materials you need.

Second: Gather your materials to make the project go smoothly.

Third: Watch one of our videos to give you successful tips and tricks to save your time or money.

Pros & Cons to Doing a Furniture Makeover

furniture makeover

There is a benefit to using spray paint and material to do a furniture makeover. It is a cheap choice to prolong the life of a comfortable chair.

I loved this chair but I felt like an old man sitting in it. Now that my office was starting to look and feel more like the sassy girl that I am, a matching chair was in order.

There are adorable choices available with fur and sparkle which is always my first choice.  The downfall was the price tag and the fact that not one was a comfy as my existing chair.

Finally, after one hour of work, we were able to perform a minor facelift on this chair.  We were able to do the entire project for $6.00.  Now I can spend the savings on something else in the house or on a weekend away from hom.

Home Improvement Checklist

Doing a furniture makeover is one of many projects that can help you update your home.  If you are looking for ideas or help on your home improvements, DOWNLOAD our checklist that links to projects that we have done.

We would love to hear from you. Let us know how we can help you on a project in your home.

We offer two courses at this time. The video course goes into detail on How to Install a DIY Concrete Countertop and How to Create a DIY Acrylic Calendar.  CLICK HERE for more details if you would like to learn with us.

As always, Thanks for joining us.



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