How to make an ACRYLIC CALENDAR for Homeschool

Designing Your Acrylic Calendar

Our tutorial will help you design your acrylic calendar to meet the needs of your homeschool room plus tie into your home decor.

We discuss:

  • Size
  • Layout
  • Color
  • Interest
  • Design
  • Hardware

Knowing how you will use your calendar will help with the overall project.

Download our FREE CHECKLIST for ideas of how to use the calendar.



    Acrylic Calendar Design

    CLICK HERE to view ideas for  layouts.  There are so many choices which can enhance your home decor and help you stay organize.

    Not only is it good to have a design in mind, knowing what your end goal is will help the design process.

    You can design the calendar to fit the needs of your homeschool room.  You will want to decide on:

    1. The size you want the calendar 
    2. Where the days of the week and months are located
    3. What colors you want to include
    4. How you want to tie in your home decor 
    5. What you will attach the acrylic calendar to the wall with hardware
    Another way to design an organizational system for your homeschool room is to get inspiration from this idea board.
    acrylic calendar

      Matching Your Home Decor

      First, it is our goal to encourage you that you can do this project.

      Second, organizing and home decor can go hand in hand.  

      Third, once you have an acrylic calendar in your school room or home, you will have numerous items to include.

      Lastly, if you need ideas to include on your new acrylic calendar, get our FREE checklist.

      It is our goal to help you with your home improvements and home decor projects. This project is a great DIY budget-friendly activity that the whole family can enjoy making and using.  Let us know what additional projects you would like to see in your homeschool room.

      For additional videos on home decor projects, CLICK HERE.How to Choose Different Types of Paint for an Easy Furniture Makeover

      We look forward to hearing from you!


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