How to hang an ACRYLIC CALENDAR for wall

step by step Instructions

Acrylic Calendar for wall tutorial gives several simple step by step instructions.

  1. Gather your tools
  2. Decide placement on wall
  3. Mark holes
  4. Drill pilot holes
  5. Install Anchor
  6. Hang Calendar on wall with a buddy
  7. Use washer, nuts, and screws to build the calendar out from the wall

Follow these simple steps to make sure that your calendar is sturdy and ready to be the center of your family activities, business meetings, or vacation plans.

We have found that our acrylic calendar serves as the information hub of our home.  We have used it to include meal planning, appointments, sporting events or vacations.  Having a central location for all family information has been extremely helpful in organizing activities for our family.

mini course for how to customize your acrylic calendar

We have a mini course that can help you build and customize your acrylic calendar to fit your home decor.  CLICK HERE for our COURSE.  Our course will guide you on the steps that you can take to customize your acrylic calendar.  We discuss color, size, and design to complete the perfect compliment to your home decor.  An Acrylic calendar for your wall is the perfect item to help organize your family but add to the esthetics of your home.

If you need inspiration to get you started designing your Acrylic calendar for wall that will fit your home decor, CLICK HERE.

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