How to Choose Different Types of Paint for an Easy Furniture Makeover

Different Types of Paint

There are several different types of paint that are perfect for a furniture makeover.  In our video, we detail which paints we have used on different types of furniture. 

We give 5 tips that will help you paint your furniture with ease as well.  We also give best practices that will help you update your furniture with paint.

Don’t throw out your old piece of furniture.  Try any number of our different types of paint to give it new life in your home.


Paint Types

Our video highlights several different types of paints that you can use to do a furniture makeover.

Click HERE to get additional ideas and inspiration for painting furniture pieces.  You can also watch other furniture projects that we have painted.

Our top paints that we have used are chalk paint, metallic paint, high gloss paint, and acrylic paint.  You can purchase these paints at a variety of stores like Target, Hobby Lobby, Michael’s, and Joann Fabrics.

Piano DIY Makeover

Furniture Makeover with Paint

You can extend the life of a piece of furniture by changing the color.  You could also change the sheen of paint to add a matte or gloss finish.

Both of these options are great choices if you still like the piece of furniture but would like to update it with paint.

Click here for ADDITIONAL inspiration and ideas of how to use different types of paint to upgrade your furniture.

We use paint to revive several pieces of furniture that was outdated.  Click here to see some of our paint projects.


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