French-Inspired – Ooh la la!

I have a passion for all things French-inspired.  How about you?  Do you enjoy this classic decorating style?

What are characteristics of French-inspired decor?

French-inspired can include ornate and embellished furniture, gold leaf wall fixtures, distressing paint on edges or broad strokes, or prints of famous French landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, or a cafe.

I’m not sure if it is a revival or it never really went out of style, but decorating with French-inspired accents is in its prime and I love it.

french inspired painted brick

Where to find inspiration?

Shopping at Home Goods, Marshalls, TJ Maxx, and Burlington provide a wealth of French-inspired treasures.  Purchasing accents for every room in my house would be easy.  Target and Walmart also have inexpensive decor pieces that make you feel like you are dining in a cute cafe in Paris.

My dining room table was the first piece that started my adventure in decorating with a French-inspired theme.   You can click here for an inspiring way to take a $10.00 table and transform it into a chic Parisian piece.

dining room stencil french inspired

How to keep your style flowing throughout your home?

With our renovation, I wanted to keep within the Victorian style of our house.  Adding a modern twist would be my style.  If you are a fan of Downtown Abbey, you know that even the strictest of Englishman love French Decor.

With this in mind, I have light walls throughout my house and have added French-inspired decor with clock and painting accents along with painted furniture and painted decor pieces.

Opposite of the modern open concept, our house is divided by a distinct division of rooms with archways and pocket doors.  I want to make sure that every room will flow but have a cohesive color palette.

I loved the idea of my music room transporting me back to the gilded ages where manor houses had ornate crown molding and frescoes that covered the ceilings and gold leaf painted fireplaces promoted romantic evenings.  Downsize that vision and you have a music room that whispers hints of French-Inspired motifs.

french inspired fireplace

What paint brands to use?

Becoming a student of paint and I discovering Modern Masters Paint company has been golden.  They sent me a trial sample of paint and I must say, I am in love with this brand.

Modern Masters Paint is unique because the paint has a metallic component.  This is perfect for the French-inspired look.  So far, I have used Modern Masters gold on wood, brick, canvas.  You can stencil over chalk paint and it has worked fabulously in all of these situations.

Faux Finish Wall Paint: Modern Masters Paint 1-qt. Pale Gold Metallic Interior/Exterior Paint ME20032

It is the perfect paint to get the French-inspired look.  I was a thrill to discover this product.  Just recently, it became available at Home Depot.  Search their website to purchase this amazing paint.


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