Falling Leaves and clay pot silverware holders

Outdoor entertaining in the fall can have its little quirks.  For me, the cooler weather can make it more difficult to ask guests to enjoy a meal outside if you don’t have the right tools.  Silverware holders were the subject of my creativity on this beautiful sunny day.

painted clay pots as silverware holders

I’ve come up with three things that are a must if you are planning to entertain outside in the fall:

Clay Pots as silverware holders
Serving Tray

For some reason, the wind always seems to kick up when I have a table set outside ready for my guests to arrive.  Do you know what I’m talking about?   I like to come up with creative and inexpensive ways to present a beautiful table setting that can withstand the elements.  I also like to have some wiggle room to change it up without having to buy all new supplies.

Here is a twist on a classic that I love.

To make some unique silverware holders I painted three clay pots with black chalkboard paint on the top and dry-erase board paint on the bottom.  Why choose one or the other when you can have both?  I did a Finding Fall link party with some fellow bloggers where you can find even more tips and tricks for seasonal decorations.

potting plant silverware holders 2

I love the contrast because you can use chalk in great fall colors to write messages on the top and use dry erase markers in fun hues like orange, green, or yellow to tell guests what is in the pot.  I usually put the silverware face down so that people can grab a fork without touching the other ones and they don’t have to guess what is in each pot.

Adding a napkin inside of the silverware holders can also add an extra pop to the table decor.  There are a variety of great colors, styles, and patterns available at any store.  To keep the napkins from flying away, I used the base of a clay pot and painted both sides of it so that the napkins wouldn’t fly away while entertaining.  Its a simple solution to an annoying problem and it keeps with the potting theme.

ryobi make and take serving tray and silverware holders

At the Haven Conference 2015, there was a “make and take” session that Ryobi sponsored.  It was a package with all the materials to make a wood serving tray.  I love this tray.  I selected simple white tiles in a pattern to serve as the base.  I also got glitter grout at the conference (I’m a huge fan of glitter if you haven’t noticed yet!).   After I put the tray together, I painted it with FolkArt paint from Walmart.

potting plant silverware holders

I use this tray daily.  It is sturdy and pretty which makes it functional and aesthetically pleasing.  I can use the tray to transport food from the house to the grill or the table.  I can also use the tray to serve as storage for all of the table setting pieces.    I have a few trays that I use to entertain but I have to admit there is a certain satisfaction knowing that I made this tray with my own tools.  Thank you Ryobi.

Last but certainly not least, blankets.  They are a must for outdoor entertaining in the fall.  Our gazebo has lights on the ceiling and a cute chandelier that makes me happy to sit under it at night.  We love to watch the sun set and enjoy friends and fellowship but as the nights get shorter and the temperature drops, I wanted to find ways to extend our entertainment outdoors without making our guest suffer.

blankets for guests

Its a simple solution and cozy.  I received a wicker basket that has been in my family for years and rolled several different blankets up for guests to select.  Watching people pick textures and colors and sizes of blankets is fun and silly which adds to the memories of the evening.

I would love to hear how you entertain in the fall.  Please comment below and tell us what other topics you would like us to talk about in the future.  If you want to know when we have released another article, subscribe below to stay up-to-date.

Here is to enjoying friends in the fall and finding the right tools to making outdoor entertaining amazing!  We love our new festive silverware holders!








Also, I am sharing a link party, be sure to check out all of the great ideas over there also:

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