Fall Pumpkin Decor Ideas {Create Reusable Pumpkins}

DIY Pumpkins Using Concrete

Creating fall pumpkin decor can be fun and innovative. Although you will not be able to carve this pumpkin, you are going to love this fall pumpkin decor piece. It is the perfect reusable fall decoration to use from Halloween to Thanksgiving. Click HERE for more pumpkin ideas.

Using a fall pumpkin for more than one holiday is the perfect way to save time and money.

First, you don’t have to worry about your pumpkin wilting on your porch. For more fall porch decorating ideas, CLICK HERE

Second, using a concrete pumpkin on your porch for two holidays will help you save time to do other needed fall projects like raking leaves.

Third, you can repurpose these fall pumpkin decor items each year. If they need updated, try repainting or adding some glitz!

fall pumpkin decor

Fall Decor Using Pumpkins

Fortunately, pumpkins are the perfect fall decor item to decorate the interior or exterior of your home no matter where you live.

This versatile fall decor item can come in a variety of:

  • colors
  • shapes
  • materials

Of course, the hard part is deciding on just a few. You can find a slew of fall pumpkins in just about any store. I also like that you can mix and match your pumpkin treasures. Because there is such a variety, you can purchase pumpkins to carve and create pumpkins out of concrete. Other materials for pumpkins are:

  • wood
  • glass
  • metal

Again, our goal is to save you time or money so creating a pumpkin that you can reuse is ideal.

  • concrete
  • plastic

fall decor pumpkins

Holiday Pumpkin Decor

Since both Halloween and Thanksgiving are so close, I like to use my fall pumpkin decor pieces for both celebrations. We use pumpkins on our porch then transfer them to the dining room table to make a beautiful centerpiece.

fall decor pumpkins

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