Easy To Install Backsplash Ideas

Our 4 suggestions will help you get started on your budget-friendly home improvement

Suggestion #1- High-Gloss Paint

You can customize the color to match your kitchen. Paint is relatively inexpensive. Remember, to save money you could buy a quart depending on the area you are painting to install your backsplash.

You can use a stencil to break up the color. Using metallic or glitter paint could add some texture and dimension to the backsplash area

suggestion #2- Paneling

Paneling comes in a variety of colors and patterns. You can also customize paneling with paint. Check out our tutorial on how we installed paintable brick paneling in our kitchen.

suggestion #3- foil backsplash

Dollar General foil backsplash is a great inexpensive backsplash idea.  I have not used this product personally but I thought the product was a great solution for someone looking for an alternative solution to traditional tile to save some money.

suggestion #4- Apply peel & stick Tile

This a great easy to install backsplash idea because it is less expensive than traditional tile but it has the same texture and dimension as tile.  There are a variety of styles and price ranges so shop carefully so you can stay within your budget.

When you need to cover up your less than perfect walls or you just want to spruce up your kitchen area, an easy to install backsplash is the perfect idea.

Download our checklist here to help you stay on budget, track your materials and ultimately help you figure out which idea is right for your next kitchen upgrade.

We would like to join you on your journey as you discover budget-friendly home renovations.  Share this video if you have a friend who could use some great ideas and remember to comment below if you have other easy to install backsplash ideas.

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