Easy DIY Office Makeover Under $100

Office Makeover 101

So, you want to DIY your home office makeover but you don’t know where to start.

I’m glad that you are here. Our video highlights several projects that you can do yourself that are easy and affordable. Follow our steps and tips and your home office will soon be the perfect space for you. There are so many styles and ideas for you to consider:

  • trendy
  • modern
  • antique
  • minimal

Visit our PINTEREST BOARD with numerous suggestions to help guide you to the right office for your home. It is hard to decide but once you figure out your personal style, then you can start creating the perfect office space.

home office makeover

Repurpose Existing Office Items

Since this project is meant to be budget-friendly, consider repurposing office items that you currently have such as:

  • desks
  • chairs
  • folder files
  • staplers
  • bookshelves

Along with repurposing existing items, reusing these items will save you time trying to decide on a complete new look for your office.

Paint Office Pieces

I believe that almost anything can be painted to fit your personal taste. Office furniture is expensive so if you have a desk or chair that can be painted, go for it. CLICK HERE to see our office chair makeover.

Doing a home office makeover can get expensive if you plan to buy every piece so budget accordingly. Until you find the pieces that you want for your new space, buy some time by painting specific office pieces. We have painted:

office makeover repurposed furniture

Upcycle Furniture Pieces

In addition to painting furniture, you can upcycle a door or window to give it new purpose. We used old windows on our angle roof to give the illusion of a skylight.

Not only can you paint furniture, you can add new fabric to cloth chairs to give it a fresh look. CLICK HERE to see how we painted and reupholstered an old office chair.

upcycle office furniture

Create new office pieces from recycled material

A desk is an essential in any office. I was not a fan of carrying one up four flights of steps. We made a desk using an old door and we applied glue on one side to attach dry erase board to the surface. An old table serves as the base. To add some style, we purchased decorative trim to the front.

There are many things that you can recycle from other parts of the house to update your office.

home office makeover

Finally, you have a office makeover that looks great, functions well, and gives you a space that is perfect for you.

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We can’t wait to see what you are able to do in your home.



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