Best Budget-Friendly Fire Pits UNDER $150

Best Budget-Friendly Fire Pits

Here at Pink Tool Girl, there are seven budget-friendly fire pits for under $150 that we think should be on your radar. So stay tuned and see why these seven made our list.  For budget- friendly home improvement advice where we save more so that we can do more SUBSCRIBE and hit that bell so do you can see our weekly posts. Let’s get started. For more DIY PROJECTS, CLICK HERE

Fire Pit Evolution

We did a lot of research to come up with the seven best budget friendly fire pits for under $150. There are so many fire pits out there, but I wanted to take you back a little bit. When I was a little girl growing up, my grandfather had a farm and my idea of a fire pit was some logs on some grass and we would roast marshmallows. I knew no different. I did not know the sophistication that was involved in a fire pit.

So there’s a little bit of me that kind of goes back to that. And then there’s a little bit that has advanced a little bit and enjoys just maybe a little nicer level of a fire pit. These fire pits that we brought to you today are going to ignite something inside of you that says yes, that’s the kind of fire pit that I want.  For Pros & Cons to a DIY Fire Pit, CLICK HERE

#7 DIY Rectangle Fire Pit

At the top seven budget friendly fire pits for under $150 starting off our list at number seven is our second attempt at a backyard fire pit. We use pavers from Home Depot and we were able to make the dimensions that we wanted.  

There was very little ground prep due to the fact that we had already had a fire pit on that preexisting gravel bed. We selected paver colors and we did finally agree on the combination of different size pavers to vary the contour of the fire pit.

We did discover a few things that we will share in another video regarding venting at the bottom and using pavers without a liner. We did not buy a kit, so there was some math involved and I let left-brain do that. 

Our total bill was $150 but full disclosure, our fire pit has lasted three years, but literally we would have spent the extra a hundred dollars to buy the ring. In hindsight, again, we will share specifics in a later video.CLICK HERE for DIY COURSES that we offer.

best budget-friendly fire pits

#6- Chimenea

Number six our budget friendly fire pit list is a chimenea. I found two at Home Depot, one for $139 that was made of cast iron and the other one was $92 made of clay. I love the shape of this because it also has a lid to prevent the rain and other items collecting in the bottom. 

They are portable so that you can move them from one side of your deck to another. They sit off the ground making ground prep quite simple. They also don’t have smoke issues that some of the other fire pits have.

If you are prone to burning a pretty aggressive fire, then this might not be the best fit for you. I have had a few friends who’ve had to repair cracks in their clay chimenea eventually having to upgrade to something bigger and more durable, but the bonus for this is that you can often find decorative chimneys at garden centers, so make sure you check that out. This is an option for you.

best budget-friendly fire pits

#5 DIY Concrete Fire Pits

We are fans of concrete. It is a versatile material and quite inexpensive. Manmade DIY did a blog post of this project which included a tool list and instructions. We were fans. This is a gas option and certainly a smaller fire pit and a project that could take you a day.

If you want more options with concrete projects, please check the descriptions because we have a course on concrete countertops. Click Here for Concrete Countertop Course

best budget-friendly fire pits

#4 Tabletop fire pits

I loved this project.  It is an excellent fire pit for a project that can work for small areas. I love that you can change the rocks out to make different colors or something more shiny or modern. The step by step tutorial by The Art of Doing Stuff can be done with little tools and is a little less intensive than some of the other budget friendly fire pits that we’ve done. This project came in at $35 which is definitely a bargain. You can get more ideas for Fire Pits HERE

best budget-friendly fire pits

#3 Geometric Fire Pits

This project from Homemade Modern is plain awesome. It may be budget-friendly but it is heavy on skill. I’m not sure that I would attempt this project without my husband getting involved, but it needed to go on this list.

I met Ben from Home Made at a conference a few years ago and I am a huge fan. He was the inspiration behind us trying concrete countertops that I mentioned in the last section and you can check that out in the description.  CLICK Here for Concrete Countertop Course

If you love modern design and cutting edge projects, then you will love this geometric fire pit. He gives you step by step instructions and a tool list. This is certainly more advanced and skill than any DIY project that we have so far, but it came in at $120 so it made our list. Take one minute and comment below right now. 

best budget-friendly fire pits

Would you build your own fire pit if you had step by step instructions, comment below, yes or no.

#2 Hampton Bay Fire Pit

This fire pit is $54 and it was our first fire pit that we started in our backyard. You could put it on the patio or in your grass. I liked it because it came with the lid. It is low to the ground and on the shallow side so it does limit the size of your fire. 

We might’ve burned our fire pit a bit too hot and rusted out the bottom prematurely. Other than that, if you’re looking for a budget friendly fire pit that requires no DIY skills, then this Hampton Bay is a good fit.  If you still are looking for ideas for the best Fire Pits you can build in your backyard, CLICK HERE

best budget-friendly fire pits

#1 Budget-Friendly Fire Pit

This last product is $99 and it is my personal belief that if you can splurge the extra $40 then you should go with this one because it has a few more features. It has holes which allow the heat to exit more freely than the solid bowl. It also has an adjustable stand with a grill allowing you to be able to cook on your fire pit. Great option. 

This fire pit is deeper than the Hampton Bay product, which allows for more options of wood placement and volume. I have not owned this one personally, but after owning a shallow fire pit, I would upgrade for depth, volume, and a cooking option. If you want more DIY Projects, CLICK HERE.  

best budget-friendly fire pits

We really do love DIY budget friendly projects. So if you do- SUBSCRIBE and stay in touch with us, and also would you share this with somebody who you know also loves DIY projects? We want to stay in touch with them. Have an awesome day!

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