Before and After French-inspired DIY projects

Before and AFter Diy French-Inspired Projects

Third Runner Up for Favorite Before and After French-inspired DIY projects.

I love a good before and after comparison picture.  How about you?

Like any good pageant, there needs to be a winner.  Even if I announce the winner then decide I slipped up and give it to another project (a la Steve Harvey), I hope that you see these transformations and are inspired to go out and tackle your DIY projects.

french inspired canvas art

I bought this canvas at Goodwill for $7.  I should have taken a picture of it before I painted the frame and canvas but I forgot.  It had a plain brown frame with a forest landscape that seriously didn’t go with my French-inspired theme.

I painted the frame with Modern Masters paint as well as the lines on the canvas.  This paint is amazing and I highly recommend it for any DIY project that you are aiming for a french inspired vibe.  You can purchase it here from Home Depot.

I will have a step by step tutorial of how you can paint over an existing painting to make your own personalized canvas art.  Subscribe to so that you don’t miss that tutorial.

Second Runner Up for favorite Before and After French-inspired DIY Projects

french inspired fireplace before and after

The bricks on the fireplace were painted a hideous shade of maroon.  I debated for months over what I was going to do to help this poor fireplace.  I contemplated tearing out the fireplace.  Then, I thought maybe I could cover up the opening with plaster board and paint over it.

I decided the quickest and least expensive solution was to paint the bricks.  Again, I used the same small can of Modern Masters Paint to tie in the gold leaf theme of the music room.  Adding a french wooden box with flocked black lettering completed the look and helped make a non-working fireplace look super cute.

First Place Winner for Before and After French Inspired DIY Projects

french inspired piano before and after

I think this is by far my favorite project to date.  As a musician, I love playing the piano but the piano aesthetics were a little flat (musical pun completely intended) to look at and really brought the room down.

Painting it with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint then adding a French stencil design that compliments the curtains adds just the right hint of gold and has given new life to the room decor and brought new inspiration to me.

I hope that you have enjoyed these before and after French-inspired DIY projects.  Let us know which one was your favorite.  If you have a before and after picture, we would love to post it to our Pinterest Page for PinkToolGirl SuperStars.



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