A Simple Staircase Makeover Video Tutorial

Staircase Makeover Tips

Anyone can use a staircase makeover if you have ugly, creepy, nasty attic steps that lead to your attic. Our old house had several steps of staircase but one stuck out the most for a needed facelift.

Fortunately, there are so many inspirational ideas to help guide us in creating amazing spaces in our home. CLICK HERE for pictures of amazing staircases to get you started.

old staircase

Fortunately, we discovered there were eight things that could be done for under $100 to make this staircase makeover a needed renovation in our home.

  • Remove Old Treads
  • Install New Treads
  • Caulk around edge
  • Fill in Screw holes
  • Add Trim
  • Paint New Steps
  • Add Stencil & Glitter
  • Add Inspiration Phrase on riser

Step by Step Tutorial

First, remove the old treads with a hammer and crowbar. We started with the treads that were most damaged and cracked. Once we took a step back, our plan shifted and removed all of the treads. This way the steps were unified.

Second, we cut the length that we would need for each tread and began to reconstruct the staircase. Our old house is not level or straight so we had to measure and cut each tread to fit.

staircase treads being cut

Third, we had numerous gaps around the edges so we applied caulk to fill in the spaces. Using gloves and a caulking gun will make this process go faster. You will also want to have a damp paper towel to wipe off the excess caulk.

staircase adding caulking

Forth, where there is a screw, put caulk flush with the staircase then wipe off the excess. You can lightly sand over the area once it is dry if needed.

staircase makeover tutorial

Fifth, this is where the fun begins. Paint the staircase. Since you are starting fresh at this point, prime the wood then select a color that is going to make your new staircase awesome.

staircase makeover on a budget

Sixth, we added trim on both sides of the staircase to cover the old trim marks but also to dress up the steps. I was planning to use them daily and I really wanted them to look pretty and inspirational each time I would use them.

staircase adding trim

Seventh, I could not resist. I did paint the top part of the steps with a metallic paint then added a glitter stencil. Admittedly, I love adding paint anywhere that I can.

DIY staircase

The great thing is that I typically use the same stencil around my home. When you use the same stencil but change up the color, it allows a cohesive theme in the home without overdoing it.

If you need inspiration, click on the other projects that we have used paint to revive or enhance.

Fortunately, there are so many inspirational ideas to help guide us in creating amazing spaces in our home. CLICK HERE for pictures of amazing staircases to get you started.

Last, I added an inspirational verse on the riser. I’ve seen so many variations on this theme but this made sense for our home.

staircase renovation

Makeover Complete

While this was not a top priority project, it has made a huge impact for me. I look forward to going to the attic to work in my office or to exercise rather than dreading the climb.

Adding the glitter and inspiration phrase was not a necessity but they were fun additions that I am very glad I was able to add.

staircase with stencil

I hope that this was helpful to you. For me, this project was really impactful. It allowed me to see that even the unforgotten staircase can bring joy when they get a makeover.

Keep in touch with us and let us know how we can help you in your next project.



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