7 Easy Fall Decorations Using Quikrete

7 Easy Fall Decorations Using Quikrete!!

7 easy fall decorations using quikrete

Get ready for 7 easy Fall Decorations using Quikrete.  This project was inspired by a brain storm session with left brain about how to use concrete for creative purposes.  If only you could have seen his face when I first proposed the challenge.

Fall Decorations are everywhere so I said goodbye to Summer so that I could usher in Fall with some DIY flair.

7 easy fall decorations with quikrete projects

I submitted my entry to a contest hosted by Quikrete.  Instead of making one item out of a bag of concrete, I thought that it would be fun and a challenge to see how many easy fall decorations I could make with one bag.

Here is the rundown of what I entered in the competition.  Which fall decoration is your favorite?

I have had a close personal relationship with Quikrete.  If you read the DIY backyard fence project, you may remember that we purchased around 35 bags and never once did I think about doing something creative with the stuff.

Then, I went to a conference and saw some really amazing DIY projects that people like Ben from HomeMade Modern are making with Quikrete and I joined the ban of DIY creatives for a fun challenge.

7 easy fall decorations pumpkins

7 Easy Fall Decorations with Quikrete is inexpensive and cute!!

Here is the first of several how to tutorials on how to make a few of the fall decorations using Quikrete.

Materials Needed for 3 Fall Decorations using one mold:

  • One Bag of Quikrete
  • One $1.00 mold from The Dollar Store
  • One 24″ dowl rod or stick from your back yard
  • One package of Drawer Screws
  • One package of nuts for screws
  • Six Pipe hose fittings 
  • Bowl
  • Water
  • Something to stir the concrete mixture


    7 easy fall decorations collage

Pumpkin Napkin Rings/Pumpkins for Planters/Pumpkin Drawer Pulls

They were all made out of the same $1.00 mold from The Dollar Store.

First– Mix the Quikrete in a container to an oatmeal-like consistency.

Second– Pour concrete in to the mold and shake or tap it so the concrete goes into the creases of the mold.

7 easy fall decorations using quikrete and molds

(If making drawer pull, let it stand about 3-5 minutes then insert the screw.  Don’t move the mold at this point because your screw could come loose…….  Yes, I meant that in a serious way!)

(If making napkin holders, let mixture stand for about 3-5 minutes then insert the pipe fitting screw into the mixture.  If you are using a larger pipe fittings, you may need to skip this step and glue them on)

Third– Let it set for 20 hours according to the bags instructions.  With a smaller mold, it doesn’t take as long to set but it is better to wait rather than pop it out before it has had time to cure.

Forth– Pop the pumpkin out of the mold

Fifth– Stand back in awe and paint your mold with your favorite color.

Sixth– At this point, you can glue your mold to most surfaces.  I used DAP glue which dries in seconds.

Seventh– Send us a picture of your project so we can post it to our Pinterest Board!

You can watch the video of these steps as well below.

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Here is the “tool” lesson I learned from this project.

If you are looking for simple ways to make fall decorations, then consider using Quikrete for your creative projects.  Sometimes the tools that can make a project look great, aren’t what they were for originally.

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