5 Types of Kitchen Countertops

What are the top materials for kitchen countertops?

In this series, we are going to compare the top 5 materials for kitchen countertops. If you are shopping for one of these types of kitchen countertops, then you will want to tune in as we compare these materials.

  1. Quartz Countertops
  2. Granite Countertops
  3. Laminate Countertops
  4. Butcherblock Countertops
  5. Concrete Countertops

We will interview homeowners and ask them the questions that shoppers typically ask when trying to decide which kitchen countertop will work best in your home.

comparing 5 kitchen countertops


First, we will discuss the cost of each kitchen countertop material.  Each kitchen is a different size which will have an effect on the overall cost of the project.  We will discuss the general cost of a specific kitchen countertop material.   There will also be a comparison chart so you can see how each kitchen countertop material compares to the others.

If cost is the most important item for you, then you will have some other choices to make.   For example, costs can increase when selecting edging or when adding a small backsplash using the countertop material.  Knowing this information can help you make the best decision for you and your family.


Second, knowing how to clean and what to clean the kitchen countertop surface with can help you decide which material will work best with your lifestyle.  We will talk to homeowners who can back up what the manufacturer said about the product.

How does the material hold up to stains?  Does it look dingy or dirty after a year?  These are the questions that we answer which can help you make the most well-informed decision.

Design Consistency

Third, figuring out that the small sample in the store looks different when the kitchen countertop is installed can be shocking for some homeowners.  We discuss the “surprises” of man-made vs. natural materials and how you can be prepared and informed.  There will also be a section on tinting vs. staining concrete when doing a DIY concrete countertop.


Fourth, we will help you understand how to take care of your kitchen countertops.  If you want no maintenance, then there are countertops that you should rule out!  However, if you like a specific look, then you may have to compromise in one area to gain in another.  Our chart can help you decide with all the facts laid out in front you.


Last, every homeowner has an image of the perfect kitchen countertop in their mind.  We help you compare all of the materials to see what will work for you to customize the space to the picture in your mind.  Some materials will not be as customizable and other materials can be customized in every way imaginable.  You get to decide which will work for your family.

Coming next week:

If we went into full detail on all the options, it would be incredibly long.  So for the next few weeks, we will be releasing details on each kitchen countertop material so that you can really dig into all of your options.  Check back weekly to catch all of the installments in this series.

Your Story

If you already have your dream kitchen countertop, would you comment below on what kitchen countertop material you bought and your favorite characteristic that you love about the product?

If you have a countertop that you would rather swap for something else, would you let us know what it is that you don’t like about it?

We want to hear from you!





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