4th of July DIY projects

Do you need easy 4th of July DIY projects that can be done in a day?  I do!

4th of july DIY projects

I love 4th of July DIY Projects and throwing a great party.  Combining a party while serving items from a 4th of July handmade DIY project just makes me happy.  I love to share what I’m doing.

Anyone with me?

Reuseable Painted Potted Plant Holders

I painted these terra cotta plant holders with chalk paint.  They are easily transformed into a centerpiece for a 4th of July picnic.  Use red, white, and blue chalk along with patriotic napkins and you have a simple table setting that really pops!

4th of July Diy projects painted pots

It’s summer.  No stress!  We need easy 4th of July DIY projects that are FUN but won’t suck the FUN out of the day.

True Story!

Anticipating family and friends gathering around the pool or picnic table is one of my favorite parts about summer.  I have a funny memory that I will share with you.   Warning:  maybe you should not include DIY Firework Displays as part of your party entertainment unless you are a professional.

I have a cousin who will still go down in the books for throwing the most memorable 4th of July party ever!

He asked left brain to join him at the bottom of the hill to set off fireworks for our viewing pleasure.

4th of July DIY projects candy

The first firework was huge, amazing, and everyone clapped with excitement.

The second firework didn’t go as high and I called left brain on his cell phone to tell him to aim higher.

As everyone ran for cover after the third firework, I sought refuge in the house with our toddler.  My enthusiasm for the fireworks diminished and I was ready to go home.

My cousin and left brain were blissfully unaware that the trajectory of the fireworks weren’t quite what they had anticipated.  They thought our squeals of excitement were begging for more.  We were laughing because we had survived!

4th of july DIY projects straw holder

I may have been a tad upset with left brain at the time.  It still makes him grin like a little boy thinking of the fun they were having while I sought shelter in the bathroom.

My cousin still giggles like a little kid when telling the story of their phones ringing and both of them thought we were calling to ask for more.  My cousin had to break it to left brain that the show was OVER!

So, whether you are celebrating the 4th of July home or away, with friends or family, outside or indoors, here are some great DIY projects that you can create to make the day even more memorable.

I scanned our many link party participants to find easy 4th of July DIY projects for you and me to try in the next few weeks.

4th of july Diy Projects link party picks

Our features this week are amazing.

These 4th of July DIY Projects knocked it out of the park and I’m excited to share them with you.

Deb from Living Montessori Now created a DIY Water Table in Red, White, and Blue.  I love it.

Mandee from Designs by Mandee created beautiful firework treat pouches that will make kids clap with delight.

The Lou Lou Girls added a touch of Patriotic to their home decor with a DIY Flag made out of golf balls. Check out the tutorial here.

Tara from Embark on the Journey created Patriotic Printable Game and Puzzle Book that I am printing for my little people.  It is full of great ideas.

The last item is by yours truly.  I painted terra cotta pots with dry erase paint and chalkboard paint to hold candy, silverware, and straws.  These DIY painted pots are simple to make but we realize that sometimes you just don’t have the time for another project (even if it is small).

I hope that your 4th of July is amazing and that you are able to celebrate with the people that you love.


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